Many spiritual seekers go to distant places-India, Burma, Indonesia, pyramids in Egypt, mountains in Peru and the list goes on, in the interest of pursuing the path of enlightenment. While this is one course of action, it is by no means necessary to attain an enlightened consciousness. Enlightenment can be created anywhere on earth when you are an open and ready vessel for higher consciousness. All you need is a powerful intention and willingness to do the work necessary to move forward on your enlightenment path.

There are more tools available than ever before to help you on your path to enlightenment. You have access to wisdom through books, magazines, the Internet, television, CD and DVD. In addition, the time-honored practice of meditation is free. Sitting quietly and listening to the universe is a great way to start your journey within to create your enlightenment. There is additional inspiration in the fact that the greatest teachers in the world are your own life experiences, and they come to you every day with new challenges and opportunities to learn.

When you look at the people, who are close to you, you may realize that you have a spiritual community already intact. If those around you are less enlightened than you, you can seek to find more enlightened connections. If not in your community there are a plethora of enlightenment communities on the Internet. Use the key words, enlightenment and spiritual.

However, if you have a compelling sense to travel in search of teachers and experiences, then, follow that compelling sense as it is part of your unique journey. However, if you can not afford such an expense, allow yourself to continue on your enlightenment journey wherever you go. You can spend your time in your home with your medication practice and all the other tools mentioned above.

Being in nature is a highly effective source to connect with the higher self. Listen to the whisper of the wind, the babble of a brook, the splash of a water fall, the rush of the river, the crack of thunder, the tap of rain, the flutter of snow flakes, birds singing, insects or animals communicating and the sound of your heart beating in tune with nature.

Source by Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD