pani puri recipe | golgappa recipe | puchka recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. basically, a popular indian street food recipe served with puri, paani and aloo stuffing masala.
pani puripani puri recipe | golgappa recipe | puchka recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. it is a popular street food of cosmopolitan cities like mumbai, delhi, kolkata and bangalore. while, across india, there are several variations to this recipe. however, pani puri recipe version of mumbai is hugely popular. basically, it is made up of round puri which is stuffed with aloo masala and then filled with spiced and tangy water.

while, most of them believe that pani puri must have been originated from mumbai. however, this classic street food recipe was born in bihar. even i was under the same impression until last year. moreover, in bihar it is known as phoolki and not as pani puri. perhaps with the people migrating from bihar to other urban cities did carry this amazing recipe with them. especially, mumbai did see a lot of migration from bihar in early ninety’s. gradually, pani puri was adopted and embraced by all over india and was converted to a popular street food.

furthermore, the recipe as such of pani puri is simple, however special care has to be taken to assemble it. initially, a small hole is made at the top of puri which will help to stuff the puris. it is then followed by stuffing with mashed boiled potatoes and chickpeas. optionally, fine chopped onions and nylon sev also can be added. finally, it is then dipped with tamarind and mint water before serving. you can also add sweet tamarind chutney before dipping it in spiced water. after dipping it has to be served immediately, otherwise the puri would be soggy and less crunchy.

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pani puri recipe | golgappa recipe | puchka video recipe:

recipe card for pani puri recipe

Ingredients (1 cup = 255 ML)
for masala stuffing:
for assembling pani puri:
also add cumin powder, chilli powder, chaat masala, aamchur powder and salt.
mix well and mash completely.
finally, masala is ready for stuffing.
pani for pani puri recipe:
firstly, in a blender jar take fistful of coriander leaves and mint leaves.
add little water and blend.
furthermore, filter it using a sieve.
then add tamarind juice.
also add cumin powder, chaat masala and salt.
give a good mix and pani is ready.
firstly, take puri and make a hole at the centre with the help of thumb.
furthermore, stuff a tsp of prepared masala .
followed by finely chopped onions and sev.
then add a tsp of tamarind chutney.
after that add pani into the puri.
finally, serve pani puri along with copped onions.

pani puri recipe | golgappa step by step photo recipe:

masala stuffing recipe:

pani for pani puri recipe:

pani puri assembling recipe: