Photography Competition

This Photography Competition is NOW CLOSED

Winners are Announced here and in August 2018 FTHM magazine

Running until Midnight 30th June 2018

Rules are Simple:
Each person can submit up to three photographs by email to

Photographs should be unedited so straight camera shots and not photoshopped, only cropping to resize and image file reduction allowed. Any other image manipulation through software will be disallowed. If we suspect your photo is manipulated and you have tried to hide the meta data it will be disallowed.

Photographs should be no more than 6MB in File Size, if you have problems sending them then get in touch with FTHM

The Subject of the Photograph’s is PEOPLE

Please send any photo’s you have taken of people, unusual, faces, or anything else involving people

The prizes are:

£100 1st Prize

£50 2nd Prize

£25 3rd Prize

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About The Author

Dean Charlton

I am now 53 years of age. I live with bi-polar and OCD and in the past, I’ve had a cancer called Hodgkin’s disease and have been very ill with pneumonia. I also had a drink problem but have gone over 20 years without a drink! I created From The Horse’s Mouth as a hard copy over 20 years ago and resurrected it as an e-magazine in January 2015. The idea behind the magazine is that anyone can contribute in a non-racist and inoffensive way. The magazine is free to access and we have no plans to do it in a different way. The magazine is self-funding though we are looking for people to advertise with FTHM to help pay for the costs of the Magazine, which I have been paying for myself for the past three years.


  1. Robert Williams

    This competition looks amazing, will be happy to take part

  2. kerri-marie

    Hi, how do you enter the photography competition and when is the closing date? Thank you!

    • Robert A Williams

      Hi Kerri-Marie

      As it says in the post
      “Running until Midnight 30th June 2018” (That is closing Date)

      Each person can submit up to three photographs by email to

      Many thanks

  3. Tony ZIMNOCH

    Hi Robert. I picked up your leaflet re the photo comp. It sounds really interesting
    .I want to submit some photos as my blog concerns a lot of local stuff & people.
    Plus I’ve tons of photos on My photos site at zimnoch.smugmug .However many are ‘graphically manipulated’ to the extent that i (may) have enhanced the colours on some. (To be honest, I’m not sure which are enhanced in this way,and which are not!).
    I guess I will have to take an new,untouched one next week to submit to you!
    Regards Tony

    • Robert A Williams

      Dear Tony,

      Please send up to three photograph’s that have not been manipulated by Photoshop or other tools, though can be cropped and re-sized to before the competition end date (at the end of June 2018) and you will gain entry into the Photography Competition.

      Also if you could spread the word on the competition that would be great and we like your websites at and

      All the very best
      Robert and Dean


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