It is said that enlightenment only comes when one ceases to search for it.

Rather like a lost bunch of keys which only turn up when one stops looking for them.

The subconscious mind will be aware of where the keys are, but will not be able to pass the information on because it is unwittingly being blocked by the owners’ conscious intent to find the keys. The greater the conscious effort, the less receptive the mind and the unlikelier it is that the keys will be found.

In spite of the owners pressing need to find the said keys; if he or she was able to pause and to become open to inspiration prior to beginning the search then the chances of success would be substantially increased. The reason for this would be that the channel between the conscious and the subconscious minds would be operating more effectively.

No one knows quite how powerful the subconscious mind is or what it is capable of. It could simply be an organic computer that stores memory files and can carry out complex calculations or the possibility exists that it could be a link between humanity and a far greater level of existence.

In any case, the best way to approach the solution to a problem, whatever its nature, is to attempt to create a rapport between ones’ self and this rather potent tool. Sadly, in the Western world we have a tendency to rush this process as we are in a perpetual hurry and we panic when we need to make sudden and perhaps irrevocable decisions. We tighten up as stress takes hold and, as a consequence, any potential solution drifts away from us.

These circumstances make us prone to rash actions which serve to escalate the issues at hand. There is a way, however, to quickly get the help that one needs in order to successfully navigate this maze.

The first step is belief. Half the battle is immediately won if you have sufficient faith in the existence of a power greater than your own. Pythagoras became aware of this power through his study of Numerology and Confucius expressed a wish for a second lifetime in order to research the mysterious guiding hand that is the I Ching. Both of these men discovered that help is forthcoming when one asks for it in the right way. With a solid foundation of belief it is possible to ask for divine guidance with the certain knowledge that the universe is a friendly and balanced place and that any reasonable request will be granted.

Secondly, acceptance, as in the ability to completely give oneself up to the present situation is a strong position to adopt. Be willing to openly discuss your problem while accepting that there is a kindly presence with you that is listening intently to your concerns. Do this as you prepare for bed and, if needs be, speak your thoughts aloud. Be truthful about your relationship to the present circumstances. Take the time to question why the problem arose in the first place. If your situation is bleak then consider whether you have contributed to it in any way. If you have a need for something tangible then how important is this need? How can you work toward a satisfactory conclusion? Providing that you have established a rapport with your guide you should practice a little humility by allowing yourself to be guided. You will instinctively know when help is being offered and the lucky ones will become aware of a gentle voice speaking back to them.

The third step is to be prepared to hand your problem over and to trust that it is in better and more capable hands than your own. Letting go is not as easy as it seems because, in all likelihood, you will tend to keep nagging at the source of your anxiety. Instead, imagine that you have sent an e-mail and that it no longer belongs to you once the send button has been pressed. Then prepare yourself for an answer by going to sleep safe in the knowledge that your personal challenge is being dealt with and that you will be led to a solution at the correct time. Wake up the following morning and immerse yourself in your everyday business without any further thought to what is troubling you.

In my experience, the practice of Numerology shows us that there is a right time for everything and good timing matters, so do not attempt to rush the answer to your troubles. You have agreed, after all, to hand it over and help is on its way.

Source by Peter Dobrovic