One thought we can be sure of about the past or the future is that it is not here.

To think about it at all is to think about illusions. An illusion is not something, but rather nothing– something that is “not here.”

Very few people through spiritual direction have realized what is actually entailed in picturing the past, or in anticipating the future.

Let’s be sure not to confuse the mind with the brain. The brain is your body. Your mind is of you– but it is not you, not the true self.

When it does its picturing or imaging of past and future, the mind is actually blank.

This is so because when your mind thinks it is acting separately and on its own, and anything it thinks about is an illusion, or nothing–” no-thing.”.

It can be said that these illusory ideas that preoccupy our mind are blocking out truth.

The only constructive idea we can have at this point is to recognize that our mind has been merely blank, rather than believing it is filled with ideas.

This acknowledgment is the first step in using your real vision, thus giving you spiritual direction with a glimpse of spirit, or who you are.

The Course in Miracles further teaches, “Every decision you make stems from what you think you are, and represents the value that you put upon yourself.”.

It is not necessary to understand, at this point, that you can see nothing as it is now.

It’s a huge step toward undoing your false ideas to be honest with yourself and to acknowledge the fact that you do not understand.

In the beginning it may be difficult for you to believe that what your mind seems to picture is really not there.

This idea can be quite disturbing and may meet active resistance in many forms, which I discuss in a previous session.

In that previous session I discussed free e-books and other information online for learning to manifest the life you want.

Once again, acknowledging any type of disbelief or discomfort with this idea is a great starting point for spiritual enlightenment.


Because you are actually holding a vision of truth and loving yourself, that’s. This may be your first experience of real vision. The truth is vision.

A good question to ask yourself is: How many meaningless wrong-minded thoughts and perceptions do you have that show you a meaningless world?

It seems our perception of the world is determined by the world. Please do not confuse perception with knowledge; perception is the bridge over to knowledge.

Have you ever tried to use only your present-moment thoughts to determine the world you live in?

Each new moment then becomes a new world, or a new birth and spiritual direction.

This type of vision will take some practice, but also can become automatic, and a new way to live in this world.

It is your release from the world you learned from and is the key to where forgiveness lies.

Could you dare to consider living each moment of each day, automatically overlooking errors and automatically looking beyond them to where God’s Will exists, which is your true free will?

You would always be living a life of automatic forgiveness. Forgiveness would be your life. Being taken advantage of just would not exist, because you would always be looking beyond the errors of this world and would be at one with God’s Will.

You could say, this condition would have you being God’s Will, and this opens the way for the power of manifestation as yours.

Now, at this present moment, can you see who you truly are?

(Please note, I like to suggest seeking out the net for further helpful content on topics like, how manifesting your desires are in your power simply by being aligned to your true free will– which is also God’s Will?)

To a life of happiness and success!

Source by James Nussbaumer