January 2019 Issue 49 is Published Now !
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Welcome to this publication which first started life as a printed
magazine over twenty years ago !

In its new form it is flourishing and tries to give a voice to people who are often unheard and unrepresented. It also tries to cover a wide range of subjects through interviews, articles, short stories and poetry. In addition, it contains fun items such as ‘My Not Very Serious Stars’ and quizzes that test your general knowledge.

The magazine is a personal triumph for me as it shows how a disabled person (I suffer from Bi-Polar Disorder, OCD/Anxiety disorder and have beaten a cancer called Hodgkin’s Disease and also experienced being in intensive care with severe pneumonia) can still make a valuable contribution to society. I hope other people will come forward and feel comfortable about contributing to the magazine even if they are not all that confident about doing so.

Interviewing people is a real privilege as they open up their world to the reader and teach us about things that we may not have considered before. The interviews also give deserving people much needed media exposure.

The main thing to say is that this publication is open to everyone and anyone can contribute in a non-racist, non-sexist and non-homophobic way by sending contributions to: dean@fthm.org.uk

In the future we hope to grow our areas of interest and include more things like film, theatre and gig reviews etc. The main thing is that the magazine continues to evolve and therefore, we would appreciate any suggestions on how we can improve this publication.

At the moment, we are preparing for our 50th Edition Celebration Party which is to thank all the people who have contributed to the magazine so far.

The party is on: Saturday 2nd of February, 2019

At: Hebden Bridge Town Hall

From: 7 pm – 11 pm

There will be free Indian food and entertainment and people (if they think it is appropriate) will have the opportunity to make a small donation to the running costs of the magazine.

The party is for anyone who has contributed to the magazine so if you want an invite, then please contribute something!
You can do this very easily, either by email to me or by filling out the Form on our Contact FTHM Page

Best wishes, Dean, Brenda, and Robert.

The magazine welcomes contributions from anyone as long as they are not intentionally offensive, racist or sexist and it aims to give a voice to the many people who are often unheard. It is a magazine by ordinary people for ordinary people and is a refreshing change to celebrity publications.
If you have anything to share, pictures, video or written content then if it is not inflammatory please send it to us and we will share it.
We are also active on Facebook and Twitter and you can easily view us there as well.

Occasionally, we run competitions that are free to enter and all winners appear in the magazine.Two music albums form part of the project and can be listened to through our website, here.

We have already created a lot of interesting content within the magazine and you can access any of it easily through the search facility below, or you can search through google by pressing the tab key when using chrome web-browser.

We hope you enjoy the content and if you wish to be updated of our regular monthly magazine publications then please subscribe, it’s free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Our Subscription base is growing and we have paid Advertising available in our Magazine at a very competitive rate please view our Advertisers Page to find out more.

If you are interested in writing anything or submitting any recipes or other content please get in touch, we are happy to publish anything if it is not racist or hateful in any other way. Please send any content to dean@fthm.org.uk

We are happy to attribute content to you and if not we can also publish anonymously, simply get in touch with Dean Charlton